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Are you planning an event and need to start selling tickets ASAP? We can help! Red Curtain Ticketing  is here to make your ticketing experience fast and hassle-free.



Red Curtain Ticketing offers a personal touch to your ticketing needs. We want your experience to be warm and personal. Let’s explore your needs together. Contact us today!



We take pride in being available for you. Our commitment to dependable service will ensure that your event starts off on the right foot. Choose Red Curtain Ticketing and experience the difference today!


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Free Setup

There is no cost to get started. This includes any consultations or adjustments needed along the way.

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Hosted Landing Page

We’ll create a website using your artwork. When it’s time to sell tickets, you’ll provide your customers with a link to this site using a simple URL.

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Variable Ticket Pricing

We offer a host of pricing options to your patrons, such as child, adult, or senior citizen pricing. Perhaps you’d like to offer a military discount. Would you like to charge more for the best seats? No problem! We can configure your seating chart to charge how ever you like.

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Coupon Codes

Coupon codes can be used for certain dates, such as for eary adopters. You may use coupons to provide reduced price or free tickets to family members or volunteers. There are many coupon options to explore!

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Paperless Tickets

Your customers will receive a download link for their tickets moments after they are purchesed. The tickets can be shown at the door using a mobile device, or the customer may choose to print them if they like. The tickets are customized with your artwork/logo.

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Reserved Seating

We’ll set up a seating chart to match the seating at your event. We will just need a unique number for each one to allow your customers to select their seat.

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Tables or Standing Areas

We can also accomodate tables that might be used for a dinner event, and standing areas that might be used for a concert.

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Flexible Pay-Out Schedule

We can arrange pay-outs leading up to your event or afterwards. It’s up to you!

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Contact us at any time and we’ll quickly put in in touch with a live person. 

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And More!

Don’t see the feature you’re looking for? Let us know. We may be able to offer some creative options.


  • Setup Fee – FREE
  • Per Event Fee – FREE
  • Online Service Fee – $1 per seat (fee passed to the buyer at check-out)
  • Processing Fee – 5% of all sales (fee passed to the buyer at check-out)

Example: If the ticket price were $25.00, the customer would pay $26.25 (ticket + processing + service fees). $25.00 goes to the event organizer and $1.25 is Red Curtain Ticketing’s portion. Other fees, such as venue fees, can be applied if needed.


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“Hello! I’m Mr. Bradley, founder of Red Curtain Productions and Red Curtain Ticketing. Thank you for your interest in our event ticketing and sales service. I started this business because I was frustrated with the level of customer service I received from the large ticketing sites and I knew that I could do better. I now provide ticketing for my own events and for many others. I absolutely love it, because I enjoy a being part of productions that celebrate life. I would love to be part of your next event!”¬†

*Red Curtain Ticketing is only available in the United States and support is offered to English speaking clientele only at this time.

by Red Curtain Productions